About Us

LOGOEXBireks Electrical Machinery Engineering was established in 2008. To prove he has demonstrated success in a short time, “EUROEX” Brand with the Ex-Proof materials producing sector was the right place at the top.

Have received quality certificates ISO 9001-2008 and ATEX certification of new projects with a continuous high degree of customer satisfaction by improving the quality of products and services holding company with new products and designs are costantly expanding product range.

Our goal is to be continuous and innovative .. Always according to customer requirements, our company continuously engaged in studies of new products on time product delivery of quality service in all areas constantly working to renew itself.

Our main goals are to increase the recognition Turkish product contains accordance with international standards of foreign markets and especially among the Middle East countries.

We aim to be a company which Dynamic, innovative and with the development of an institutional structure that makes it a constant. Our main target that sales volume by improving every day used more than EUROEX brand in international markets and aim to ensure that the preferred brand.